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Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Asphalt Emulsion Sealer

Pitch Black® is an eco-friendly, top-performing seal coat with custom rubberized asphalt, minerals, polymers, and a chemical blend. It’s proven superior through field and lab testing and is perfect for pavement maintenance.

What is Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealer?

Pitch Black® Asphalt Emulsion Sealer is a top-performing seal coat made from a custom blend of rubberized asphalt, minerals, polymers, and chemicals. Proven to be superior through field and lab testing, Pitch Black® is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional seal coats. Canadian Seal International is the exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black® in their region, offering this high-quality product to customers who want to maintain the appearance and longevity of their asphalt surfaces. Whether you need to protect your driveway, parking lot, yard, or street, Canadian Seal International has you covered with their exclusive manufacturer of Pitch Black®.

Advantages of Using Pitch Black

With the right Canadian Seal International emulsion seal coat formula, you can get even better performance from your seal coat without the disadvantages of coal tar. Here are some points to consider:

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Pitch Black Formula

Early in the 1980s, the Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion formula was created and engineered. Three generations of formula owners have worked in the asphalt rehabilitation and repair industry. Pitch Black seals hundreds of millions of square feet of pavement each year, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most sought-after, reputable, and well-protected formulations in the business. For any residential, commercial, or industrial asphalt project, Pitch Black is the ideal choice because it is environmentally beneficial. It is non-flammable, free of carcinogens, and contains no asbestos. Pitch Black can be painted on any asphalt surface, including parking lots, playgrounds, shopping centres, malls, airports, and more.

Expertly Crafted Sealcoat: The Ultimate Blend of Adhesion, Flexibility, Durability, and Color


Lasting Deep Colour


Superior Bonding


Highly Resilient


Extremely Flexible


Sturdy Body

Pitch Black vs Coal Tar

Have you used coal tar before? You’ve likely used one type of asphalt seal coat and had a bad experience. The limited endurance and fading of asphalt emulsion products introduced to the market before they collapsed have been revealed. Canadian Seal International Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion Sealer, on the other hand, has been around for a while. Due to the potential for adverse health and environmental repercussions, most contractors stopped using coal tar. You can achieve even greater performance from your seal coat without the disadvantages of coal tar by using the proper asphalt emulsion sealer formula, such as Pitch Black Asphalt Emulsion.

Pitch Back

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Pitch Black® requires no hazardous material placards, making it safe and non-toxic.

Quick Cleanup: Cleaning up Pitch Black® is easy, as it can be done with just water.

Speedy Drying Time: You won’t have to wait long for Pitch Black® to dry, as it dries quickly, allowing you to stripe the same day.

Compatibility with Striping Paint: Pitch Black® works well with both water-based and oil-based striping paint.

Easy to Use: Application is a breeze, as you can use a squeegee or spray to apply Pitch Black®.

Long-Lasting Beauty: Pitch Black® maintains a deep black color for a lasting finish.

Cost-Effective Solution: By using Pitch Black® earlier in the process, you can complete jobs faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.

Widespread Availability: Pitch Black® is gaining popularity, with more states and manufacturers turning to asphalt emulsion sealcoat as their preferred solution

Coal Tar

Hazardous Material: Coal Tar is considered hazardous by an increasing number of states and may cause skin burns.

Tough Cleanup: Cleaning up coal tar requires solvents and may leave yellow stains.

Slow Drying Time: Coal tar takes longer to dry and set up compared to asphalt emulsion.

Limited Compatibility: It’s not compatible with oil-based striping paint and may turn stripes brown.

Color Fade: Coal tar sealcoat tends to lighten over time, usually turning to a blue tint.

Higher Cost: Coal tar is more expensive and requires a longer waiting period for new asphalt to cure.

Restrictions: A growing number of states are implementing restrictions on the use of coal tar.


Benefits of Using Pitch Black

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